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Naka Swag

So, I won’t go into the clusterfuck that was Naka-Kon, but this fabulous lady got me some awesome coinage to add to my collection.  :3

So, L-R, T-B:
Tresors de France/Memorial de Caen commemorative coin (2008), fake Renn Faire coin (still cool, though), 1 Peso from Mexico (2005)

10 Peso (Mexico, 1998), two more fake Renn Faire coins

5 pence (UK, 2005), 1 Peseta (Spain, 1966), 50 Pfennig (Germany, 1950)

20 pence (UK, 1999), 20 Centimes (France, 1981), 5 pesos (Mexico, 2004)

And the two super shiny ones at the bottom?  Those are the commemorative “Faction” coins for Tomo and Byakko from the mascot battle at Naka-Kon this year (I have about six for Tomo, whoops).

And the other sides!  :D

Some of these, I’m not sure if they were ACTUALLY part of the new ones, but they didn’t seem familiar, so I put up photos.  e_e  I also got a bunch of arcade tokens lol

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